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Chnihc is a human resource consultancy firm, aimed at “providing professional service, and realizing systematical improvement”. It strives to help Chinese enterprises’ rise and growth by providing clients with valuable and HR-based systematic solutions.
Keep “being down-to-earth” in mind, “contentious and dedicated” Chnihc earns great reputation in its industry. Now, Chnihc’s consultancy group is consist of more than 30 full-time consultants and almost 50 part-time specialties who are ex-senior managers of World Top 500 companies, or senior partners and excellent consultants of famous foreign or domestic consulting firms, or specialties who once made national contributions in his or her fields. From air transportation to ocean-shipping industry, from space satellite to supermarket franchises, Chnihc has finished thousands of HR programs of all kinds for more than 500 enterprises, covering the tobacco, energy, electric power, telecommunication, space, manufacturing industries, and etc. On the one hand, in cooperation with our clients, we have seen how our solutions and proposals seeding, sprouting, blooming and growing in our clients. On the other hand, these results have witnessed great changes and growth in ourselves. So proud, we are!
Enjoyed from some theoretical fruits yielded by important members of famous HR research organizations, such as Tshinghua University, Peking University, Cornell University, University of Bath, X State Council Research Institute, and Chinese Academy of Science, Chnihc has formed its own brand in its industry based on its members’ full practical management experiences in many fields. Chnihc has developed several viable and localized series of HR management tools, such as Three Steps for Core-talents Mapping, Testing for Job Analysis and Working Capacity, Quantitative Measurement Methods for posts and allocations, 6T models for HR system Diagnose, and Comparison Table of Competency—from Competency to Behavior. Many innovations of these have been applied to practices in many famous multi-national companies and proved to be great in practice. Furthermore, Chnihc works hard to serve Chinese large and medium-sized enterprises and SMEs to change and make great progress. 
Your active participation and joint efforts with us are on the way. May we have a bright and great future in front of us!